Thursday, September 8, 2011

2.3. Project : -

Projects are the specific schemes or action units designated for the investment of given resources and skills with an aim of attaining some predetermined objective/s. Projects involve real actions as per the direction of program-me outlines. So, a program-me may consist of several projects.
In other words, projects are the specific action units within the framework of a program-me and program-mes are the integrated blocks of development plan. Therefore, proper formulation of sector-specific plan, program-me and project necessarily indicate the pace and direction of development process of any community, district, and thereby of an economy. Projects remain themselves at the bottom level of any plan.

Interrelationship between Plan, Program-me & Project 


Development or Sectoral Plans 
  Broad Decisions

 Action Outlines

Action Execution

    There may be several types and natures of projects functioning in any community or country. All of  such projects are tied up, in one or another way, to their respective program-mes. Likewise, there may be several program-mes within a plan designed to fit into the set goal of a plan.

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