Friday, August 19, 2011

1. Project Proposal : Sample Format

Sample Format

How to Write a Project Proposal

A Project Proposal on Human Rights & World Peace

1.1.  Background:-

    The institute named " Human Rights & World Peace" has been established with the intention of mobilizing project proposal for eliminating anarchism and guaranteeing human rights in the universal level according to the Institution Registration Act 2034. Specially, it has been activating as a non-profitable social organization. The central office of this institute is located at Putalisadak, KT M, Nepal. Its branch office is also situated at Pulchowk, Lalitpur. It has aimed to open branch offices all over the world later.

    1.2. Context and Rationale : -

    The concept of this institute has been adopted in context of preserving human rights and eliminating terrorist activities in the universal level. especially, the rationale of establishing this institute is to arouse public awareness for the actual implementation of human rights and maintain tranquility.

    1.3. Planning Process : -

    This institute will go forward on the basis of the following planning processes:-

    To assemble grant and cooperation in national and international level for the great mission of universal tranquility.

    To mobilize people's participation all over the world so as to guarantee human rights in true sense.

    1.4. Goal : -

    The main goal of this institute is as follows:-

    To minimize terrorism universally.

    To run an important campaign throughout the world for the actual implementation of human right and peace.

    1.5. Objectives : -

    The major objectives of this institute are the following:-

    To manipulate various informative seminars for the guarantee of human rights universally.

    To conduct prominent programs based on public awareness in every sector as a perpetual and responsible self- governing agency for the universal tranquility.

    To formulate innovative and scientific procedures for systematizing the peace and human rights in the universal level.

    To remain selflessly active in the direction to guarantee universal declaration of peace and human rights in true sense.

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    Thursday, August 18, 2011

    1.6. Strategy : -

     The major strategies of this institute are as follows:-

    To establish reliable contact with social organizations of native and foreign lands with common target for guaranteeing actual universal peace.

    To encourage persons and organizations in order to abolish universal terrorism.

    To initiate different groups for world peace and progress. 

    1.7. Major Activities : -

    On the basis of above-mentioned strategies, this institute will do the following major activities:-

    To give special priority for the development and conservation of  those factors as universal peace and human rights are complementary with each other.

    To cause to support in the development of world peace, relationship and brotherhood by issuing commitment against the discriminatory behavior and deprivation of human rights to be happened in any part of the world.

    To run the effective programs based on the innovative thinking for the sustainable development of universal human rights and tranquility.

    To organize trainings, workshops and orientated classes for this great campaign.

    Wednesday, August 17, 2011

    1.8. Co-ordination : -

      This institute will formulate and apply effective schemes all over the world for this deep work by coordinating and cooperating with N Gos, activated in national and international sector. Furthermore, it will also go forward on the basis of the coordination of various native and foreign social organizations, working in the field of social service. Thus, it has aimed to raise coordination with diverse groups in universal level for making this project successful.

      1.10. Anticipated Results : -

      This institute will anticipate the following results from the actual implementation of this project:-

      Minimization of terrorism in the world.

      Guaranteeing human rights universally.

      Maintaining peace and order over-ally.

      Raising the feeling of universal unity and brotherhood.

      For achieving above-mentioned expected results, this institute will go forward in the direction of its terms and references by considering various probable risks and potential dangers like heavy rain, storm, flood and landslide as natural calamities.

      Along with this, it will anticipate high level of co-operation and favor from every sector for the successful implementation of this challenging project.

      1.11. Program Management : -

      Indeed, skilled human power is needed for the successful implementation of any project. For this purpose, this institute needs competent personalities. So, the structure of program management will be as follows:-

      Chief Executive Director

      Assistant Director


      Assistant Manager

      Assistant Administrative Officer

      Account Officer

      Office Assistant

      Field Officer

      Assistant Field Officer



      1.12. Reporting : -

      This institute will submit the report for the working progress of project. For this purpose, it will do the following tasks:-

      To supervise its branch offices, activated all over the world

      To observe their regular activities.

      To evaluate the challenges, created in course of working.

      To revise positive and negative aspects of working.

      Along with this, on the basis of monthly report of the progress details of the project, this institute will prepare annual report as final report. For preparing a good report, it will mobilize human resources all over the world.
      As far as positive and negative impacts are concerned, it will give necessary instruction to various groups in order to make the best report. In this way, this institute will prepare an effective report by making deep supervision of the project.

      Tuesday, August 16, 2011

      1.14. Conclusion and Evaluation : -

      While making deep evaluation of this institutional project, it seems completely effective and contextual. However, it is necessary to emphasize on systematic implementation of this project. It will be centered in those people and groups, who are deprived of human rights and victimized by the terrorism. As this project is a mixture of the guarantee of human rights and universal peace and order, it is believed to be entirely successful. So, this project will be proved to be beneficial for raising universal unity, brotherhood and implementing the principle of human rights in forth-coming days.