Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1.13. Budget : -

Any project depends on the systematic management of budget. Without this, no program can be gone forward. So, this institute has managed the budget in following ways in order to prove the project successful :-
Subject & Amount Category
Group A
Educative Program
Research Co-ordination
Group B
Regular Supervision
Systematic Survey
Social Mobilization
Perfect Management

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1.9. Program Area and Duration : -

The program area and duration of this institute are as following:-

To maintain the program area throughout the world.

To institutionalize peace and human rights in universal level as its main scope.

To determine the duration of five years for this great project.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

2.16. Level or Scale of Project Proposals : -

There may be varying levels and scales of project proposals. All this largely depends on the nature and type of project you have identified and intended to prepare proposal on. Virtually, there is not a cut off point or demarcation line to call a particular project as small or big. The " smallness and bigness" of a project largely depends upon a number of parameters like the amount of investment made on it, command area covered by it, employment generated by it, foreign currencies earned by it and so on. Therefore, it is the concern of project awarding authorities to fix certain parameters to call a project either small or medium or big one. However, keeping in mind the skills required for writing project proposals, we can plainly see the level or scale of a project from basic, advanced and more advanced standpoints.

Project Proposal Levels

Tender Proposal             Funding Proposal

More Advanced              More Advanced
Advanced                        Advanced
Basic                                Basic

It is clear that a tender or funding proposal could be either basic or advanced or more advanced in its level. But as a beginner in this field, our attempt should be to start writing project proposals from basic level and move towards the advanced and more advanced levels. On the other hand, skill required for preparing various levels of proposals may differ to a great extent.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

2.15. Types of Project Proposals : -

Depending upon different fields and natures of projects, there may be several types of project proposals. Even so, some of the proposals we usually come across can be broadly classified as is presented in the following ways. However, it should not be taken for an exhaustive classification. On the other hand,  the following ways indicate the types of the proposal writing skills of which we are starting to develop.

Types of Project Proposals

Proposal                                                     Development Work-related               Scientific Investigation                                                    
Development Work-related                         Business Enterprise Related                         Academic                                
Scientific Investigation                                 Socioeconomic Development Based             Non-academic

2.14. Proposal Writing: Science or Art : -

Proposal writing may be considered as a management science as well as an art. It is a management science in the sense that writing a project proposal essentially requires a careful and good combination of  :

Identifying and screening right project/s from different points of view;

Setting reasonable and achievable objective or objectives;

Deciding appropriate design/method for project works; and

using resources in an effective and efficient way.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

2.13. Project Proposal : Importance

A doctor examines her/his patient and prescribes medicine. Engineer draws technical map prior to starting any construction work with a view to execute the same in a per-planned way without any hurdle. Similarly, a manager or a development planner also needs to identify the appropriate projects required for her/his community or organization development and state the Whats, Whys and Hows of any development project that s/he is going to propose. From this standpoint, a development actor may be considered as a social engineer to structure the future of a community or a doctor to examine the socioeconomic illness and provide right prescriptions of development process to be undergone by a community through selecting and implementing appropriate and needy projects.

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2.12. Project Proposal : Introductory Background

A project proposal is simply a basic document having explanation of activities to be performed while undertaking an investment project. In other words, it is a written document prepared and proposed to do something in a per-planned way with a view to successfully carry out the given assignment. Generally, a project proposal  should satisfactorily answer the following questions.