Monday, October 17, 2011

2.16. Level or Scale of Project Proposals : -

There may be varying levels and scales of project proposals. All this largely depends on the nature and type of project you have identified and intended to prepare proposal on. Virtually, there is not a cut off point or demarcation line to call a particular project as small or big. The " smallness and bigness" of a project largely depends upon a number of parameters like the amount of investment made on it, command area covered by it, employment generated by it, foreign currencies earned by it and so on. Therefore, it is the concern of project awarding authorities to fix certain parameters to call a project either small or medium or big one. However, keeping in mind the skills required for writing project proposals, we can plainly see the level or scale of a project from basic, advanced and more advanced standpoints.

Project Proposal Levels

Tender Proposal             Funding Proposal

More Advanced              More Advanced
Advanced                        Advanced
Basic                                Basic

It is clear that a tender or funding proposal could be either basic or advanced or more advanced in its level. But as a beginner in this field, our attempt should be to start writing project proposals from basic level and move towards the advanced and more advanced levels. On the other hand, skill required for preparing various levels of proposals may differ to a great extent.

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