Friday, September 9, 2011

2.9. Project Identification and their Sources : -

Once we get a clear understanding about the concept of projects, our next step will be to identify the potential and useful projects that could be helpful to expedite the development process. Paradoxically, projects may be lying here and there in different sectors (agriculture, health, education etc.) and in varying levels or ranging from grass roots to national levels.
Usually, project identification ideas come out from various sorts of problems those we face in our day to day life. Problems we face in our daily life may be looked from the perspectives of improving the existing situation of people, community, and organization at varying levels. On the other land, project ideas also may pop  up to exploit promising opportunities which are either directly observed in different fields or are recommended by research studies, workshops, seminars, reports etc. Anyhow, most of the projects may be identified in relation to 

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